Terms and Conditions

Amended October 15, 2022

Banned services

  • Spamming
  • Mass mailing
  • DoS, hacking or other attacks
  • Distribution of malware and viruses
  • Hosted phishing sites
  • Port scanning
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Data mining (I/O usage)
  • Nested virtualization
  • Game Servers
  • Tor nodes of any kind
  • Any material or activities which are illegal United States of America and the location of the given server
In a case the breach any of these terms, service will be terminated and no refund given.

Resource abuse

Cloudie Networks, LLC. does not permit of activities, that consume enough system resources that will yield in negative affects on other clients. This consists, but not limited to, constant CPU or disk I/O abuse.

Backups / disaster recovery

Cloudie Networks, LLC. processes weekly backups of all VPS services, however, its strongly advised for all clients to do their own backups, as all services are VPS, Smart Servers and Shared Hosting are unmanaged services. Reliability and availability of backups performed by Cloudie Networks, LLC. cannot be guaranteed.


If for any reason a client is unhappy with any of the Cloudie Networks, LLC. services, the client is entitled for a no questions asked, money back refund within the first 2 days (48 Hours) of service purchase To apply for a full refund within the refund period, the client must open a support ticket with the Cloudie Networks, LLC. Billing Department.

If the services were terminated for abuse or voiding the Cloudie Networks, LLC. Terms of Service, no refunds will be given (even if the service is within the 2 day period).

Refunds for IP Address Resources (IPv4 / IPv6 / ASN) cannot be refunded, unless service is not provisioned within the acceptable timeframe of 24 hours (1 day) or otherwise noted.

DMCA / Copyright

In the case where Cloudie Networks, LLC. receives a valid copyright complaint, Cloudie Networks, LLC. will make their best efforts to get in touch with the client and forward the complaint directly to them.

Cloudie Networks, LLC. expects the clients to deal with any DMCA/Copyright abuse complaints directly with the original senders.

Repeated valid copyright complaints will result in service suspension/termination with no refund availability.


All payments should be made before or on the invoice due date.

Cloudie Networks, LLC. provides a 3 day grace period after the invoice is due, where the service will remaining in a functional state.

If no payment is received after the grace period, the service will be suspended. Services will be terminated and data removed on the 7 day after the due date of the invoice if no payment has been made.

If an invoice is paid late, extra fees will be incurred from the third day in an overdue state equal to 10% of the invoice amount (maximum of $10USD), however, the original billing date carries on and does not adjust.

Charge backs

In case of a charge back, Cloudie Networks, LLC. will be make their best efforts to get in touch with the respective client to resolve the potential issues at hand.

If the client does not make any attempts to communicate back with Cloudie Networks, LLC., and charge back gets processed, the service at hand will be immediately terminated and data removed.


If you do not understand any of the above terms, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to try answer any questions.

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